You Can Shape Your World

The first night, I was very nervous that I would over sleep & miss this train. Six months ago, I never would have thought I’d be on this train every day. It’s a change that will bring my life much more abundance (spiritual, emotional, & financial) six months from now. The changes I’m making areContinue reading “You Can Shape Your World”

Finding A Solution

I went from being the most ‘stuck’ a person could possibly be, to finding a solution to every obstacle that comes my way. How did I do that? Let’s start by working backwards. Let’s say you have a problem that has no apparent solution, no possible way forward that you can think of. You’re ready to give up.Continue reading “Finding A Solution”

You Can Start Feeling Better With Something Very Small.

You may try, but you will never be able to make today the same as yesterday. You can stay in bed, but the date will still change. You’ll move your body in different ways. You’ll age. Nothing ever stays the same. Not you, not the world around you, and most definitely not what you thinkContinue reading “You Can Start Feeling Better With Something Very Small.”

Unleash Your Power To Change, Today.

Sometimes I wonder if my current full-throttle attitude towards life is an overcompensation for being so passive in the past. It’s clear to me today that ‘taking action’ is a key element to combating depression. The longer you avoid a situation, the worse it becomes, which compounds your anxieties. I’m not saying that if you procrastinateContinue reading “Unleash Your Power To Change, Today.”

Your Future Is Unpredictable.

I thought there was no tomorrow, but the truth is there aren’t enough tomorrows. I felt overwhelmed by the future. How long would I have to go on? A few years, or months? I would sit in bed all day and night, to avoid dealing with anything. Eventually, even one more day seemed to be tooContinue reading “Your Future Is Unpredictable.”

Become Unstuck With This 10 Minute Daily Practice

Something bothers you, but you aren’t sure how to fix it, so you feel stuck. Start writing down ideas. Ten per day, exactly. They can be ideas on anything. It doesn’t matter what. The daily practice comes from James Altucher and it, along with his books & podcasts, have changed my life. They’re not allContinue reading “Become Unstuck With This 10 Minute Daily Practice”

10 Ways To Invest In Your Body

Drink a cold glass of water with fresh lemon as soon as you wake up. Try a bodyweight exercise regimen – no gym required. Never drink alcohol during the workweek. Walk for 20 minutes at least 3 days per week. Eat 1 salad per day. Try yoga, even at home. Try your coffee without any sugarContinue reading “10 Ways To Invest In Your Body”

How To Turn Guilt Around

We all have to deal with guilt.  One thing that I always felt guilty about was being privileged. I recall seeing a beggar for the first time and thinking, ‘Why is he there, and I here?’ That feeling stayed with me. It stayed with me when I met other kids who couldn’t afford new sneakers,Continue reading “How To Turn Guilt Around”

The 1 Thing That Is Not Myth

Lots of people say that religion is myth. I have definitely said it before. It’s easy to say, ‘Aha! That book you’re reading is 5,000 years old and it’s got ridiculous stories in it that couldn’t possibly be true!’ I’m not so quick to pull the trigger on that statement anymore. For about thirty years,Continue reading “The 1 Thing That Is Not Myth”

You Can Defuse Pressure

Things have been piling up inside my head lately; some big and some small. The pressure is high, with several issues occurring both at work and home. You will always have problems to solve. In the past, you might have seen me bang my fists, raise my voice, or throw an object several times a day.Continue reading “You Can Defuse Pressure”