Distraction & Awareness

Sometimes my phone uses me. I just wanted to admit that, even though I teach, both publicly, and at home with my own children, about how we can either use our smartphones as powerful tools, or, if we’re not mindful, they can use us. It’s quite the challenge, and, make no mistake about it: I’mContinue reading “Distraction & Awareness”

You Can Defuse Pressure

Things have been piling up inside my head lately; some big and some small. The pressure is high, with several issues occurring both at work and home. You will always have problems to solve. In the past, you might have seen me bang my fists, raise my voice, or throw an object several times a day.Continue reading “You Can Defuse Pressure”

How To Stop Missing Your Own Life

It’s easier than ever before to miss your life. How many things pull for your attention every day? Mindfulness means, if you are eating, just eat. If you are talking with someone, really listen. Be present, one-hundred percent, in every single thing that you do. Constantly reminding myself that I am lucky to be hereContinue reading “How To Stop Missing Your Own Life”

Hiding In Plain Sight

I used to find inconspicuous spots to park my car so that I could ‘hide in plain sight’. The idea was to blend in without attracting direct attention. One example would be the upper deck of a mall parking lot, where there is less foot traffic but not completely abandoned. Another might be the outContinue reading “Hiding In Plain Sight”

So They Can Sleep

I noticed a missed call to my cellphone from a client on Sunday afternoon, but no voicemail. I’ve made significant increases in both work productivity, and general happiness recently. Sunday, we are closed, and I don’t monitor my email. So when the phone rings, especially from a client who rarely uses my cellphone number, it’s probablyContinue reading “So They Can Sleep”

My Super-Secret-Zombie-Zapper

I was a zombie once. I’ll never be a zombie again. You can take everything away from me, but I’ll always be alive. Cellphones make us zombies. At least, they do when your neck is permanently tilted in a forty-five degree downward angle, even while you’re out in a public place like a coffee shop,Continue reading “My Super-Secret-Zombie-Zapper”

Will I Be Banned From Tweeting?

Dear @Twitter, Am I required to keep following people who are not interested in connecting with me? After being temporarily suspended the other day, I am now paralyzed with fear. I was aggressively churning, and that was wrong. I apologize. My intention was not to create a negative experience for anyone else. I copied aboutContinue reading “Will I Be Banned From Tweeting?”

The 2 Millimeter Killer

I’ve read about turning off ‘push’ notifications before, but I hadn’t tried it. That little 2 millimeter  bar (I measured) exerts power over you, but you may not realize it. You probably go get your eyes checked, if you wear glasses or contacts, once a year. Less if you don’t. Yet you strain to read somethingContinue reading “The 2 Millimeter Killer”

If You Love Sports, You Should Hate Highlights

There’s not much variance in the range of points scored, in any sport, on any given day. (Similarly, for you fantasy players, individual stats fall within a predictable range.) ESPN is essentially an aggregate of scores, numbers, and ten second highlights. Bits and pieces of the story. To me, that’s worthless. Don’t miss the story.Continue reading “If You Love Sports, You Should Hate Highlights”