Calorie Counting

A calorie is a unit of measure, and it’s relatively objective, when compared to say, how you feel about apples. And it is important to have such units of measure, so that we can objectively measure, assess, and discuss certain things. However, there is a bunch of grey subjectivity when it comes to calories. SoContinue reading “Calorie Counting”

Beginning To Workout?

If you increase your activity level significantly, then you are, in a way, changing your diet. That’s because caloric output is the other side of the coin of eating food, or, caloric input. Food is energy, which you use, not only to live, but also, to play. More practically speaking: If you add one hourContinue reading “Beginning To Workout?”

The Long Haul

Here’s a great quote from Precision Nutrition with regards to counting calories: “Importantly, although we suggest simple methods for measuring food portions along with tracking energy intake, it doesn’t mean ‘anything goes’ or that measuring isn’t useful. Rather, it means that we’ve found that a streamlined, lower-effort process works tremendously well and offers enough precisionContinue reading “The Long Haul”

Do You ‘Need’ To Count Your Calories?

It’s very hard to count your calories. Sure, some people might find it easier than others. Sure, I’ve done it before, several different ways: using pen & paper, using apps. Sure, perhaps you’re so dedicated and driven to the process that you can stick with it rigorously for a very long time; a few months,Continue reading “Do You ‘Need’ To Count Your Calories?”