Distraction & Awareness

Sometimes my phone uses me. I just wanted to admit that, even though I teach, both publicly, and at home with my own children, about how we can either use our smartphones as powerful tools, or, if we’re not mindful, they can use us. It’s quite the challenge, and, make no mistake about it: I’mContinue reading “Distraction & Awareness”

Are You Missing Your Plans?

If you’re in the middle an intentional moment, or portion of your day, scheduled or impromptu, planning for the future, that’s very powerful. I schedule time to do this daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually, to varying degrees, at different levels. If you’re thinking about the thing or things you have to do next whileContinue reading “Are You Missing Your Plans?”

Default Thoughts

I have to admit, even though I’m constantly focused on turning negative energy into positive, my default thought about some things is negative. For example: my alarm goes off at 4:50 AM. I can get up and start moving, or snooze until 5:20 AM. My first thought: “What’s the worst thing that will happen ifContinue reading “Default Thoughts”

Are you working against yourself?

“It takes work to create the life you want. It also takes work to create the life you don’t want.” – Paul Chek, Living 4D Podcast Episode #183. While listening to that entire 2-hour episode may not be for you, awareness of this one little gem holds the potential to produce a huge shift inContinue reading “Are you working against yourself?”

Levels of Awareness

Yesterday I talked about three different kinds of awareness; physical, mental, and emotional. Going a bit deeper, within each one, there are layers. Many layers. Perhaps infinite layers. For example, if you simply close your eyes and listen, for sounds, you’ll hear – even in what you thought was a quiet space – many sounds,Continue reading “Levels of Awareness”

“What Is School For?” a talk by Seth Godin

Why aren’t we teaching our children: Leadership, emotion, financial planning, economics, marketing, health, programming, risk taking, decision-making, and … mental wellness? I’m pretty sure we can find a way to blend those things into all of that fact memorization. Besides, if you want to know what year Abraham Lincoln was shot, you can just GoogleContinue reading ““What Is School For?” a talk by Seth Godin”

What’s The Difference Between A Mental & Physical Illness?

“I think Barry has a little bit of that … that bipolar.” That’s an actual comment I heard, with the name changed. It is true that mental illnesses have degrees of severity, but, that sounded like the description of a virus. Unlike a stomach flu or a sore-throat, Barry’s bipolar will not pass after forty-eightContinue reading “What’s The Difference Between A Mental & Physical Illness?”

The 1st Thing You Should Do After Reading Suicidal Social Media

 Why do you need to think about this stuff? You’re probably not a person who is about to commit suicide. You’re probably not a therapist or trained professional in dealing with suicide. You probably don’t drive past a potential suicide attempt every day on the way to work. You could just call 911, or DuckDuckGoContinue reading “The 1st Thing You Should Do After Reading Suicidal Social Media”