Which Organic Foods Are Right For Me?

There’s a lot to cover with regards to Organic foods. More than one blog post can accomplish. So for this one, let’s start with something simple: Just because a food doesn’t have an Organic certification, doesn’t mean that it isn’t Organic. (That’s far too many negatives in one sentence for my high school English teacher.)Continue reading “Which Organic Foods Are Right For Me?”

Weekend Eating Reminder:

Sometimes the weekends involved less than optimal food choices. Perhaps you baked, went out for dinner, or had a few drinks. (Or, all three.) That’s OK. You do have to live, and have fun. Thriving social relationships are, in fact, very important for your health. Remember that it’s not about eating perfectly. That doesn’t exist.Continue reading “Weekend Eating Reminder:”

Here’s One Thing You Can Do Today.

Here’s something that you can do today, no matter what. No matter how much work you have to do. No matter how many of your team are out sick. No matter what deadlines you’re facing. No matter what family drama you have going on. No matter who’s in the hospital, who’s having a baby, orContinue reading “Here’s One Thing You Can Do Today.”