Does A Little Oat Milk Break My Fast?

Even though the ‘technical’ answer is yes, for you & me, it does not matter. What matters is that you’re still allowing your digestive system adequate time without shoving in lots of solid food. Follow the principles of intermittent fasting … and be practical about it – not religious. For example, also, if one morningContinue reading “Does A Little Oat Milk Break My Fast?”

‘Hold The Junk’

When I was ‘fat Matt’, I used love making tuna melts on a big bagel, using store-made tuna salad (which was heavy with conventional, soy-based, highly refined mayonnaise), and cheese. I still make tuna melts at home today; I simply use different ingredients; pole-caught, mercury tested tuna, almond flour tortillas, non-dairy cheese, and avocado-based mayo.Continue reading “‘Hold The Junk’”