What are you training for?

I was dribbling a ball while jogging laps around my sons’ soccer practice field the other day when one of the fathers asked me: “What are you training for?” “Life!” I replied without hesistation. I already knew the answer to that before I started jogging. That’s why I brought my own ball and wore athleticContinue reading “What are you training for?”

1 Pound of Peppers

Recently my son looked at a humongous breakfast omelette of mine, filled with one whole pound of onions & peppers, and asked me “So, you’ll gain one pound just from eating those onions & peppers?” “Well – no, because my body is going to use most of it,” I said. You don’t gain weight fromContinue reading “1 Pound of Peppers”

Different Kinds of Work

As a Father, I like to differentiate between Work, and work. Work (with a capital ‘W’) encompasses all of the things that are most important to me, including: taking care of my own mind, body, and spirit, so that I am in the best possible position to take care of those around me; important projectsContinue reading “Different Kinds of Work”