Isolation Isn’t Healthy.

On Sunday I told you about ‘5-Minutes-A-Day-May‘, and I’ve been keeping up all 3 of my 5-minute practices daily: What does the 3rd one, ‘call a family member or friend’, have to do with my health? Why is this important? Aren’t I a nutrition coach? Yes! Yes! This has everything to do with my (andContinue reading “Isolation Isn’t Healthy.”

Some Clients

Some Clients need patience. Some Clients need love. Some Clients need structure. Many just need you to listen, and be there for them. And of course, they need some advice and guidance … but that typically comes last. Be there for them, fully, to do whatever they need – NOT what you think they need,Continue reading “Some Clients”

There Is Always ‘In-Between’.

There are no ‘in-between’ scenes in television or movies. That’s how they can tell stories about days, weeks, months, or years in minutes. The vast majority of actual life is left out. This, by itself, isn’t a bad thing. We want to hear or see the story, but not in real time. The problem arisesContinue reading “There Is Always ‘In-Between’.”

Message Received?

Another communication tip is that your message must be received in order for it to be complete. So often, even though you think you are being very clear (in your own head), it’s actually not that clear at all in the other person’s. For example, the listener might have a strong mental block about theContinue reading “Message Received?”