My Key Areas For 2023

Yesterday I told you about my Annual Word. Each year I also choose several Key Areas to focus on. In the past I’ve had as many as 7. This year I’ve consolidated it to 4: Family Finances Fitness Friends I put them in that order of importance based on my assessment of where I neededContinue reading “My Key Areas For 2023”

Fear and Abundance

To build a bit more on yesterday’s post: If you’re always thinking about ‘what you might lose’, then you are in a fear-based mindset. The problem with this is, while it might bring you comfort, stability, and security, either real or perceived, that can only last for so long. Ultimately there is nothing which youContinue reading “Fear and Abundance”

“Commitment VS. Attachment.”

What does it mean? What do ‘commitment’ and ‘attachment’ have to do with each other? Why are they positioned here as a dichotomy like ‘Dark VS. Light’ or ‘Up VS. Down’? My answer is that Commitment & Attachment do live on the same spectrum. At any one moment in time, you can really only beingContinue reading ““Commitment VS. Attachment.””

The Weight Of Your Thinking

How much of your time is spent thinking or worrying about things that you don’t want; things that trouble or bother you, such as debt, stress, work, ill health, strained relationships, etc.? Conversely, what percentage of your thinking time is spent thinking about things that you do want? Things such as love, security, abundance, andContinue reading “The Weight Of Your Thinking”

More Than Enough

You can certainly go through your day from beginning to end concerned about how much you don’t have. How there’s not enough time, energy, money, and resources to do everything that you wish to. How there’s not enough freedom, because you are limited in this way or that. That’s one choice. The alternative, of course,Continue reading “More Than Enough”

“Sharpen the saw.”

That’s not my phrase; all credit goes to Steven R. Covey. Here is yesterday’s daily reflection from his book “Daily Reflections for Highly Effective People“, which, of course, can be read on any day: “The single most powerful investment we can ever make in life is investment in ourselves, in the only instrument we haveContinue reading ““Sharpen the saw.””

What You Do, Today.

If you know me personally, then you know that I don’t watch the news, or very much television at all. In fact I haven’t watched the news for about a decade. With regards to digesting other forms of media, specifically socially media, I don’t consume very much there either. An occasional scan of my FacebookContinue reading “What You Do, Today.”

Extinguishing Anger

I know that when I get angry, I can feel it, as physical sensations in my body. It starts to rise in my chest. Some of muscles, particularly around my core, tense up. My temperature rises a degree or two; sometimes I start to sweat from my body, hands, and feet. There’s a corresponding psychologicalContinue reading “Extinguishing Anger”

Authenticity of Self

I’ll speak for myself and honestly admit that at (almost) forty years old, it’s difficult to say that many of the things I’ve done have authentically, purely, been things that I wanted to do. Now, this isn’t a ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ thing. Life is not a vacuum. We typically follow the expectations and footsteps ofContinue reading “Authenticity of Self”

What, Exactly, Are You Walking Towards?

Where do you want to be in one year? Three? Five? What, specifically, does it look like? Can you visualize it clearly in your mind? Depending on your goal, how much will you weigh? How much will you be able to squat? How much money will you have in the bank? Where will you live?Continue reading “What, Exactly, Are You Walking Towards?”