About Coach Matt

I created Vitalize Your Life so you can stop feeling tired, weak, and stuck.

I coach you along your path to becoming healthy, strong, and full of energy.

I transformed my own health over the course of many years. The Vitalize Your Life program is designed to help you achieve your goals in just six months.

How is that possible? My Health Coaching program provides a level of personalized attention you will not find anywhere else.

I enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2017 to elevate my knowledge of food & nutrition to the next level. And yes, I have studied hundreds of dietary theories, and learned from the top experts in their fields. But, perhaps more importantly than that, I am trained to help you apply what works best for you.

Together we’ll explore what will get and keep you on the path to health & vitality.

In addition to being completely personalized, there is an endpoint. The program is finished after six months for a reason; so that you can move forward with confidence when our work is done.


“The opposite of depression is not happiness, but vitality.” – Andrew Solomon

If Andrew Solomon is correct, at one end of the spectrum of life, some people feel bleak, tired, barely feel anything at all, or worse.

But at the other end of the spectrum are people who are full of vibrant emotion, energy, and life.

You might not be at either extreme end, but, you don’t have to live your life stuck in the middle either.

You have, inside of you, right now, an abundant amount of energy. Whether or not you feel it; whether or not it is ‘potential’ energy which needs to be rekindled or unlocked, it is there.

I believe that the path of strength & health leads to vitality. I was put on this earth to vitalize your life.


There was a time in my life that I wasn’t very healthy at all.

I was very far along the wrong end of the spectrum of vitality; overweight, sedentary, out of shape, sick, and depressed. I’m 5’10 and about 172 pounds with about 8 or 9% body fat today; back then, I weighed as much as 220 LBS, and, could not do one pull-up.

Eventually I turned a corner. I invested about ten years transforming myself through diet, learning, and exercise.

I became a Health Coach in 2017 because it was the right time on my health journey. I was ready to help you.

Your health journey is yours; it’s not the same as mine. However, there are things I’ve learned over the last twenty years – like how it’s possible to come from a very dark place, into one that’s full of light – that can help you.

It’s especially difficult to see when you’re in a time of struggle or stagnation. But, things are always changing.


This is about results that last, and I know what it takes to achieve them.

If you want to lose a few pounds and look good, I’ll help you take – and keep – them off for good.

If you want to be able to run around the park with your kids, without getting tired, I’ll help light the fire in your belly.

If you want to become as strong as you can possibly be, and you’re willing to put in the work, I’ll get you there, and you won’t want to turn back.

Figuring out your health is not easy. That’s why I’m a Health Coach.

Invest in yourself and sign up for a free, one-on-one 50 minute consultation with me today.

There is zero obligation to work with me after this free session.

Many people will benefit tremendously from this one session alone, no strings attached.

Enter your name, email, & phone below to sign up for you free session, and, let’s Vitalize Your Life!

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