Balance & Effort

The true end of your health journey is the day that you die.

Along the way there are: milestones, obstacles, high & low points, millions of small decisions, behaviors, interactions, wins, and learning opportunities.

But make no mistake: there is NO finish line prior to death.

There is no diet, book, program, or podcast after which you will be ‘done’ or ‘finished’ figuring out your optimal nutrition or exercise routine.

There is no single point at which you will never have to think about your weight again.

You can arrive at a place in time when you will look & feel confident, happy, and it will only require a positive amount of stress to maintain balance.

You might arrive in that place immediately after a milestone, which could be the result of a specific diet, program, or conversation.

Even if everything does ‘click’ rather suddenly, you’re still not finished.

You must constantly be learning, monitoring, open, and ready to adapt.

Balance always requires some discipline & effort.

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