What’s Your Model For Health?

All 3 Nutrition Schools / Certifications that I’ve done, as well as just about every other Nutrition Mentor I’ve read, follow, or incorporate into my approach (of which there are many) …

… have a Model for Health.

Each model is split into different ‘Key Areas’, but each model varies.

For example:

  • The Institute for Integrative Nutrition slices Health into 12 Key Areas, and displays is graphically as ‘The Circle Of Life’, which is like a pizza pie.
  • Precision Nutrition teaches 6 Key Areas of ‘Deep Health’.
  • The CHEK Institute teaches ‘The 4 Doctors’ approach.

They often use different words to label the same exact thing or concept.

Ultimately, the best approach, in my opinion, is not to take my word for it, or any of theirs either.

The best approach is to select the one(s) that speak to you the most, and that often means ‘keeping’ the pieces that resonate with you, and discarding the rest, ultimately finding your own model that works best for you.

This is a process – it takes time; it will evolve.

Mine is constantly evolving.

No Key Area of your Health lives in isolation.

For example:

  • Your Stress is not separate from your Nutrition.
  • Your Environment is not separate from your Happiness.
  • Your Movement is not separate from your Family.

Etc., Etc.

All of these things are connected.

When one suffers too much, it drags all of the other down.

Conversely, when you make small improvements in one Key Area that’s holding you back, then you can make major improvements in all other areas as a result.

This is a very powerful & true concept, sometimes referred to as ‘Integrative’ or ‘Holistic’.

(If you use it to your advantage!)

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