When You’re Done.

You can’t walk any faster than you can walk, cook any faster than you can cook, or speak any faster than you can talk.

Yet sometimes we find ourselves trying to exceed this obvious limitation in order to move even more quickly onto the next thing that we have to do.

We drift out of what we are actually doing now, inside our heads.

We may even physically try to do the 2nd thing while doing the first, depending on the tasks. For example you may begin reaching for the soap to wash your hands before you’ve actually finished handling the food on your plate.

The thing is that being in this ‘rushed’ state often or constantly inevitably leads to mistakes, poor performance, and high stress.

So, if this sounds familiar, remember:

If you’re walking, just walk.

If you’re _____, just ____.

You can do the next thing when you’re done ______.

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