Life Speed

Kids these days commonly watch videos playing at speeds faster than life.

They abbreviate it nonchalantly, for example, “It’s 2X.”

(Side note: this also applies to many grown-ups.)

Here’s the thing: life only goes at one speed.

Let’s call ‘Life Speed’ X, or, 1X.

It is not possible to go, move, think, walk, run, observe, speak, or do anything at all faster OR slower than 1X.

If you start rapping as fast as Eminem in the song ‘Rap God’, you’re still rapping at 1X. You’re just a very fast rapper.

You’re not actually speeding up life.

The problem here is loss of awareness of the truth.

If you start to begin to think or feel that things in life can actually be sped up, as they easily can with the click of a button on your phone, then that distorted reality may lead to vastly disappointing & painful unmet expectations.

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