The Right Kinds Of Foods

Eggs, butter, potatoes, & onions. That’s a typical ‘go-to’ breakfast for me when I want to lose a little fat. That’s right: lose, not ‘hold steady’ or gain. Typically the only things that make me gain fat are eating out repeatedly and/or consuming alcohol. If I want to gain muscle, then I just eat moreContinue reading “The Right Kinds Of Foods”

‘This Looks Really Healthy …’

There’s a ‘shiny new object’ phenomenon happening at the supermarket. It’s a phantom issue; a problem that wasn’t there until all of the shiny products were put on our shelves. Just because these things are available now, doesn’t mean that you needed the before. You didn’t need anything in fancy packaging to be healthy before.Continue reading “‘This Looks Really Healthy …’”

Effort & Expectations

When it comes to maintaining a level of nutritional health that is ideal for you, the amount of effort required must be considered. For example: If you want to be really lean, then you’re going to have to sacrifice a few things, regularly plan what you eat, and cook almost all of your food. ItContinue reading “Effort & Expectations”

Don’t Eat Judgement

I grew up regularly eating McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, pizza, pasta, heroes, white bread, Chinese take-out, cereals, chips, cookies, microwaved macaroni & cheese, sodas, juices, and all of the other highly processed, highly refined, deadly foods & drinks the Standard American Diet is comprised of … and I loved them all. None of those areContinue reading “Don’t Eat Judgement”