Message Received?

Another communication tip is that your message must be received in order for it to be complete. So often, even though you think you are being very clear (in your own head), it’s actually not that clear at all in the other person’s. For example, the listener might have a strong mental block about theContinue reading “Message Received?”

Don’t Burn Bridges

If you tell someone that you’re not able to commit to something, that’s a good thing. If you tell someone that you’re able to commit to something, then later discover that you can’t, that’s not good, but you can still update them with your current status, and at least they know. But what’s even worseContinue reading “Don’t Burn Bridges”

Patterns & Effort

The other morning, after completing problem #846 out of 5,334, I celebrated with a fist bump and exclaimed “Yes! I’m getting better at this.“ Getting better at things excites me. It takes time. It takes practice. I’ve been doing an average of one of those chess problems per day for a few years now. ButContinue reading “Patterns & Effort”

Don’t Just Listen To Me.

Here are 5 other podcasts in the wellness space: Living 4D With Paul Chek Paul Chek is sometimes referred to as ‘the godfather of holistic health’. While he often dives into spirituality and other unconventional topics, make no mistake: his nutrition & exercise background is second to none. This is a great podcast for anyContinue reading “Don’t Just Listen To Me.”

Relationships & Health

Relationships are such a critical component of your health. I probably don’t talk about them enough on this blog. Here’s what I can promise you: Even if your Nutrition, Exercise, & Recovery are all top-notch … … if your Relationships are in the toilet, then the first three don’t matter very much. It’s even possibleContinue reading “Relationships & Health”