“If you’re hungry, eat.”

“If you’re hungry, eat.”

A simple sentence, but very difficult for many of us to execute.

Some examples / tips for both sides of this coin that are most commonly confused:

If you ARE hungry, then you SHOULD eat, EVEN IF:

– It’s a little earlier than you usually do;

– It’s only a short while after you just had a meal;

– It’s not a ‘regular’ meal time;

– You heard somewhere that you shouldn’t.

Your body does not lie to you. Your body does not want to sell you anything. Listen to it.

On the other hand:

If you ARE NOT hungry, then you SHOULD NOT eat, EVEN IF:

– You’re afraid you might be hungry later;

– You’re bored, tired, or thirsty;

– It’s a ‘regular’ meal time.

– Everyone else is doing it.

Adhere to this principle 80% of the time and you’ll be in pretty good shape.

Notice I did not say 100% … sometimes I like a snack while watching TV too, or a piece of chocolate in the mall just because I’m passing by it …

… it’s NOT about NEVER eating unless you’re hungry.

It’s just a rule of thumb for what to do most of the time.

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