The Monday After Super Bowl

Here are a couple of tips & tools I like to use in a ‘Monday morning QB’ situation, meaning, to recover after the Super Bowl – or any other similar day/night spent drinking & eating differently than you usually do:

  • Give yourself permission to move slowly in the morning; to sleep a little later, to skip your workout or do a more restorative kind of workout, in favor of extra sleep.
    • You can also workout as usual; just don’t feel compelled that you ‘have to or else’

  • Don’t rush to eat. Give your digestive system a chance to process everything. You don’t have to fast all day, but, make sure you’re really hungry before you start eating, and/or fast a little longer than you usually do.

  • Hydrate.

  • Only eat foods that you know, from experience, work well for your body, and do not add to your discomfort level.

  • Go to bed early.

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