Do You Have A Plan For Success?

Of all Top 9 fundamental nutritional skills, the first & most important one for many people to tackle is to ‘Plan, Prioritize, & Prepare‘.

If you’re not planning your food in any capacity, and you’re feeling stuck, lost, or frustrated with your weight or well-being, this is a great area to look at first.

In fact this might be the only area you need to look at.

Probably not, but by itself, a solid template for shopping & cooking provides a ton of ‘bang for the buck’.

It’s a little different for everyone. What will work for you is dependent on what you like and can be consistent with, based on your preferences, family, lifestyle, career, and other factors.

The spectrum of solid planning ranges from ‘I will do zero on my own and pre-order most of my meals for the week with a delivery service’ to ‘I will do all of the shopping & meal prep on these days & times’.

And there are many hybrids in between.

The key?

Actually having a plan for success, versus not having one at all.

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