The ‘About To Do’ Part

If you’re about to do something, and it feels like it’s going to be rushed, in that moment of hesitation (the ‘about to do’ part), guess what? You’re right. Trust your gut. You probably should not do it. Stop. Do nothing. Don’t squeeze one more ten-minute thing into the next five minutes. Do one lessContinue reading “The ‘About To Do’ Part”

Pierce Brosnan Is Not My Friend.

Even though I love most of his movies, and have seen many of them multiple times, I have to remind myself that Pierce Brosnan is not my friend. He’s not doing my health any favors when I stay up until 1:30 in the morning watching November Man, Goldeneye, or Lawnmower Man for the thirteenth time.Continue reading “Pierce Brosnan Is Not My Friend.”

Be On ‘Level One’

Only about 10-15% of the population needs advanced nutritional practices such as: Even if you are one of those people, no matter what, you still need a solid, continuous foundation of basic nutritional practices, such as: I repeat: no matter how advanced you are, you can never skip or forget the basic ‘Level One‘ practicesContinue reading “Be On ‘Level One’”