One Complex Second

We have a tendency to believe that movements are largely ‘automatic reflexes’, but the reality is that most movements are not reflexes at all.

Of course, if you touch a hot stove, or if I knock your funny bone, then you’ll react with a physical movement.

But when you scratch your head, crack your neck, twist your spine, or stretch your legs … those are all movement which followed a feeling.

‘Followed’ meaning that first, a feeling, emotion, or desire of some sort arose in your body, then that was communicated to your brain.

Then it became a thought, and ultimately a command was issued from your brain, which instructed you to move in a certain way.

All of that happens in less than one second, but make no mistake about it: it was a complex chain of events.

Now, here’s the really cool thing:

When you practice stillness & meditation, you can ‘slow down’ that second.

You begin to clearly feel and observe each part of the process.

And then, you become able to master that process, intervening to stop the chain of events at will, simply by recognizing it quickly.

(All speech is a form of movement as well.)

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