The Right Direction

A common feeling about eating and drinking various foods during the holidays is that you are ‘moving in the wrong direction’.

However, this is not the case.

It is an false statement, one which only focuses on a specific moment in time, and not the larger course of your health journey, which spans much longer than just a few weeks.

In fact, when you’re heading into the holidays, and eating deep-fried latkes, cookies, drinking wine, and whatever else may have you feeling guilty or ashamed, your are in fact heading in the right direction.

It’s the only direction you can actually head.

Life includes ups and downs, waves, and, holidays.

There will be periods of eating certain foods that you should include.

Does it mean that you should eat them with reckless abandon?

Probably not.

But does it mean that you could eat them and not beat yourself up about it?

Yes, it does.

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