The Case Of The 2nd Breakfast

Yesterday I had two full-sized breakfasts, back-to-back.

I cooked the 2nd one less than 10 minutes after finishing the first one.

For context, the first one was 3 eggs, roasted potatoes & broccoli.

The second one was 3 more eggs, plus 3 almond-flour tortillas with dairy-free cheese.

It wasn’t super late in the day; I began breakfast #1 about 7 hours after rising.

If you recall, I wrote the other day about when I usually eat my first meal and why, often referred to as intermittent fasting.

As you can see in both that post & this one, I don’t follow ‘hard rules’ about the timing of food.

That is NOT the only way to vary your food timing and reap the benefits of intermittent fasting, such as autophagy (which is when your cells cleanse themselves of waste matter).

No, you can practice intermittent fasting using common sense.

In the case of the two breakfasts, which is something I very rarely do, in fact, I cannot even remember the last time I cooked a 2nd breakfast directly after the 1st:

The 2nd breakfast made sense.

It’s that simple.


Because I listened to my body.

Because I felt like I was hungry.

Because I did wake up about an hour earlier that morning.

Because I did lift heavy weights early in the morning.

Because I was still actually hungry after I finished the first one.

That’s it.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t eat more if you need to.

Where most people get tripped up is, they eat more when they don’t need to.

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