Principles, Not Rules.

Do you have ‘rules’ about eating?

I don’t.

I do have several principles which I hold to strongly, such as …

  • I haven’t eaten gluten since 2007;
  • I cook 90% of my food;
  • I usually eat when I’m hungry;
  • I occasionally eat a little less;
  • I sometimes eat more;
  • I’m not afraid of sugar or carbs;
  • I purchase high quality ingredients;
  • I eat close to zero highly refined foods;
  • I periodically rotate or add a few new foods;
  • I have a template for food shopping;
  • I batch cook 2-3 times per week;
  • I eat a relatively even balance of protein, carbohydrate, & fat.

… and while I am highly consistent (90% or more) with all of the above, I don’t think of any of those as ‘rules’.

They are all principles that work for me, which I know, because I’ve tested them – both ways.

(Yes, there was a time that I did not follow any of those at all.)

Even with the first one, my having been on a gluten-free regimen for over 15 years …

… as black & white as that is, I know that one day, I might decide to intentionally try something made from wheat again.

When I do have that fresh baked slice of sourdough bread in Paris, I’ll let you know.

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