I remind you that you are already perfect.

You were when you were born, you are now, and you will be tomorrow, no matter how much you weigh, what your net worth is, or how many followers you have.

We all have things we need to work on, but one of those things is NOT perfection.

Logically, it’s impossible to improve or attain perfection when you are already perfect.

You see?

Continual, daily, incremental progress in other areas that fall underneath perfection is a great thing.

But at the highest level, even if you do absolutely zero work on yourself today, your perfection as a beautiful human being remains constant & absolute.

This may sound a bit ‘wu-wu’ or impractical but I promise you: it is neither.

It is the truth, it cannot be any other way, and it is only when you don’t see or feel it that you start to get into trouble.

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