You’re Not On Level 3.

Most people immediately jump to ‘limitation’ or ‘restriction’ when they think about diet or weight loss. However, limitation is actually ‘Level 3’; not Level 1 or 2. Level 1 is expansion & inclusion – the exact opposite of what most people think. Level 2 is about refinement, for example tweaking your macronutrient proportions Level 3Continue reading “You’re Not On Level 3.”

Holiday Feelings

Remember: You’re not doing anything ‘wrong’ this holiday season. You can’t stop the holidays from coming. Life always moves forward. You don’t have to beat yourself up about that. Yes, for some, the holidays are stressful. That’s OK. It’s not your fault. To the best of your ability, you’ll make it through. Depending on yourContinue reading “Holiday Feelings”

The Case Of The 2nd Breakfast

Yesterday I had two full-sized breakfasts, back-to-back. I cooked the 2nd one less than 10 minutes after finishing the first one. For context, the first one was 3 eggs, roasted potatoes & broccoli. The second one was 3 more eggs, plus 3 almond-flour tortillas with dairy-free cheese. It wasn’t super late in the day; IContinue reading “The Case Of The 2nd Breakfast”