Nourishment Is Not Punishment.

The holiday season is a troubling time for many people, especially those struggling with weight, weight loss, &/or nutrition.

Perhaps you’re on a diet and afraid to ‘break it’.

Perhaps you’ve just lost a bunch of weight and are scared to gain it back.

Perhaps all of the emotional, social, & cultural baggage that comes with the holidays is frightening: family, parties, alcohol, temptation, stress, and much more.

Yet at the same time, the holidays are the PERFECT time to practice a different mindset.

One of self-love, rather than of self-hate.

One of ‘can’ rather than ‘cannot’.

Nourishment does not include punishment.

Yes, you want to eat healthy foods in order to be nourished. And also: get rest, enjoy time with family & friends, and even enjoy some foods that you love … which may not be the best to eat on a daily basis.

Nourishment does NOT include high levels of stress surrounding food, weighing & measuring everything precisely, or beating yourself up with negative self-talk for having one cookie.

This holiday season, take care of yourself and your family, and take comfort in knowing that it might be OK to actually gain a few pounds, when done with eyes wide open, and with the confidence that you can get back to more consistent eating as soon as you’re ready.

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