“I lost weight & gained it back.”

Obviously this is frustrating.

Generally speaking, it’s the result of a lack of incrementally building sustainable eating habits.

Example: crash diets, shake diets, rapid cleanses.

Full disclosure: I sometimes coach low calorie, rapid weight loss cleanses.

Also, it was originally Robb Wolf’s 30-Day Paleo Challenge (that’s not low calorie) that I did in 2010 which was pivotal in turning my nutrition around for good.

So, these things have their place.

But they MUST have a solid exit/long-term plan attached and be for the right person / right reasons.

Most people do not need, nor should they take, the ‘quick-fix’ approach.

I don’t recommend extreme diets or massive sea change for most people that I speak with.

If I told you that you could lose 50 pounds this year and keep it off forever, would you be happy with that?

That’s about one pound a week.

Very attainable.

And sustainable.

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