The Long Haul

Here’s a great quote from Precision Nutrition with regards to counting calories:

“Importantly, although we suggest simple methods for measuring food portions along with tracking energy intake, it doesn’t mean ‘anything goes’ or that measuring isn’t useful.

Rather, it means that we’ve found that a streamlined, lower-effort process works tremendously well and offers enough precision while helping make it easier for clients to stay consistent (and not get lost in the numbers).”

In other words, while some people need to weigh & measure all of their food, or be very precise about their macronutrient intake, most people do not.

Most people (probably including you) need the simplest method of portion control possible, which can include techniques such as …

  • Practicing the balancing your plate size and how it’s distributed.
  • Measuring using your hands (palms, fists, handfuls, & thumbs).
  • Monitoring awareness of hunger & satiety levels.

… and others.

Consistency is key.

Be sure to choose methods that you can actually stick to for the long haul.

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