Milestones, Not Finish Lines.

Your health journey will have milestones, not finish lines.

Some occur due to outside forces, such as a tough life event that forces you into action.

However, you can create your own milestone by taking actions.

You can decide to try a new way of eating, or commit to a new daily exercise routine.

I’ve had many.

The ones that really altered my path for the better required action – they don’t just happen on their own.

You may be able to feel one brewing …

… that thing that you’re hesitating to do because you’re not sure if it will work, for example.

Another thing about milestone moments is they generally require taking some kind of leap.

There is no ‘guarantee’.

But if you feel it’s right in your heart and gut, if you can’t stop thinking about it, those are clear signals that you don’t want to ignore or bury.

HAPPINESS is a key part of your health, perhaps the most critical of all.

Take that leap.

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