‘Plan, Prioritize, & Prepare.’

‘Plan, Prioritize, & Prepare’ is one of the top 9 basic skills identified by Precision Nutrition that YOU most likely have room for improvement in.

If you don’t have any kind of planning going into your nutrition for the week, then that’s a good place to begin.

Every meal that I eat for the entire week is carefully thought out, and it begins with my shopping list.

Every time I head to the supermarket, my weekly list always contains:

  • 3-4 proteins
  • 2-3 fresh vegetables
  • 2-3 fresh fruits
  • 2-3 frozen vegetables
  • 1-2 frozen fruits

And my pantry always has 1-3 dry or canned whole grains or beans available, but I buy those in larger quantities, and don’t need to replenish weekly.

This template is not an accident; I’ve been practicing it for years, and it gets me through the week without ever having to wonder what I’m going to cook or eat.

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