Being Seen

The other day I purchased a coffee while traveling through Moynihan Hall in New York City, gave the young man behind the counter a warm greeting, a smile, and a $1 tip for the crew.

I’m not a regular there; it had been months since my last visit, so to that cashier, my transaction was just one of thousands he would be a part of that day.

(For those who aren’t familiar, Moynihan Hall is an annex of Penn Station, one of the busiest train stations in the entire world.)

The following day I went back, gave my warm greeting and smile to the same young man, ordered the same coffee, and waited for him to ring me up.

He pressed a few buttons.

A $0.00 sign flashed on the register.

He didn’t say anything for a moment, then looked at me, smiled, and said, ‘You were here yesterday, right? It’s on us today.’

I thanked him as graciously as I could, left a $3 tip this time, then smiled to myself.

It’s amazing what a small bit of kindness can do.

You don’t have to be, or be seen, as everyone else.

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