The ‘Least Likely’ Person

Two hours after the trade show I was at the other day was all closed down; after all of the exhibitors’ booths had been disassembled; after all of the guests’ had long gone, and most of people left on the trade show floor were convention hall employees sweeping up, I headed out the front door, and bumped into a woman.

This woman was heading into the trade show as a guest.

She asked me, ‘what time does the expo close?’

I explained that it was over. Like, really over.

She was very upset. She had just parked her car for $85 in a lot in nearby Manhattan, hoping to get in and see the show. She had completely misunderstood the hours.

I gave her my business card and offered this:

“Look, I don’t know who you are, or what you do. But at least you can now say that you visited one booth (kind of) and who knows? Perhaps whatever relationship we develop, if you call me later, will be worth far more than $85 to you over time.”

That’s one of the cool things about trade shows … and life.

You really just never, ever know, even when it’s the very last or least likely person you meet, what it will turn out to be.

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