Being Here, Now.

I’ve talked before about how there are different kinds of meditation.

Most certainly, they are not all sitting still, cross-legged, with your eyes closed, breathing slowly.

(Even though I do that daily.)

As Alan Watts and many traditional Zen Masters used to say, in addition to ‘sitting’ Zen, there is also ‘standing’ and ‘walking’ Zen.

The ‘standing’ and ‘walking’ versions refer to the fact that you can actually be moving, and/or doing something, while practicing Zen.

In fact, strictly speaking, the aim of Zen is to practice Zen constantly, in all endeavors, not only while sitting down alone, but also while eating dinner with your family, while working on a project with colleagues, while playing sports, and so forth.

You might think of this, in modern terms, as ‘getting in the zone’ or ‘finding your flow state’.

Being here, now, is not something that only applies to a select handful of activities.

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