Not A Solo Act

I heard Malcolm Gladwell discussing kindness on a podcast the other day, and he made the point, using several real-life stories as examples, that you do not need to undertake something massive or heroic in order to make the world a better place; rather, it’s much, much more realistic – and perhaps equally or moreContinue reading “Not A Solo Act”

The Game Of Your Health

I’ve often stated that ‘health is a journey’, and it is. Lately I’m seeing that our health journeys are also a kind of game. We’re playing the game, whether we admit it or not. It’s an ‘infinite’ game; a game that we play not to ‘win’, but to keep playing as long as possible. IfContinue reading “The Game Of Your Health”

Chasing Perfection

The other night I stayed up until 1:00 AM watching the last episode of ‘The Sandman’, followed by a mixture of NFL football, international soccer, and two movies I’ve already seen several times each, ‘Wedding Crashers’ and ‘The Last Samurai’. Most nights I get into bed by 10:00 PM or earlier, and end with readingContinue reading “Chasing Perfection”

‘Plan, Prioritize, & Prepare.’

‘Plan, Prioritize, & Prepare’ is one of the top 9 basic skills identified by Precision Nutrition that YOU most likely have room for improvement in. If you don’t have any kind of planning going into your nutrition for the week, then that’s a good place to begin. Every meal that I eat for the entireContinue reading “‘Plan, Prioritize, & Prepare.’”

Most People Struggle With Basics.

Most people struggle to execute basic, fundamental nutrition habits 80% of the time. Again: Most people struggle to execute basic, fundamental nutrition habits 80% of the time. This probably includes YOU. This means that when you choose something simple to practice*, such as ‘eat whole rather than processed foods’ or ‘do meal prep at homeContinue reading “Most People Struggle With Basics.”

Don’t Call Me Busy.

Please, don’t call me busy. Don’t tell me that ‘you know I’m busy’. I’m not busy. ‘Busy’ is one of my curse words. If I’m not responding to you fast enough for you, we can discuss that, and I’ll tell you what’s possible on my end – or not. I’m not busy because I’m notContinue reading “Don’t Call Me Busy.”