Your Health Is A Game

I’ve written and spoken often about your health as a journey.

The name of this blog is ‘The Healthy Path’, largely for that reason.

Today I’ll offer a slightly new perspective:

Your health journey is a game.

Like a board game, but, not a game of random chance, determined by the roll of a dice.

It is you who determines the outcome.

It is an infinite game, rather than a finite game.

A game that you do not play to win, but one that you play to continue playing as long as possible, just for the sake of playing.

That’s why I always say that I’m going to live to be 120.

You can play this game with a blindfold on, but you don’t have to. Many people, at times, do.

Every time you think about what to eat, drink, do, not do; plus then every thing that you actually do or do not do, your body is keeping score (even if you aren’t in your head).

I’ll leave that there for now, and expand on it later.

I won’t wish you good luck, because it’s not a matter of luck.

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