One ‘Free’ Question

On NYC subways, you’ll regularly see pamphlets from psychics offering ‘one free question’ if you call for advice.

I find this marketing technique fascinating.

One free question – not two!

I assume (I’ve never called) that if you attempt to ask a follow up, you have to pay.

Which I respect.

But here’s the funny thing:

If you have only one question to ask, such as …

“Should I marry or divorce this person?”

“Should I quit or take this job?”

“Should I go to college?”

… and so forth …

… don’t you already know the answer, somewhere deep down inside?

Don’t you already know, or have a sense of, what they’re going to say?

Yes, I understand that sometime we need guidance. I’m a coach.

But the truth is that the answers are already inside of you.

No one, not me nor anyone else, can give them to you.

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