Other Kinds Of Training

As I walked around Manhattan this week, I was reminded of what real physical work is like.

It was almost 100 degrees, and there were men (and probably women too) out making food deliveries.

Unloading heavy hand trucks up and down ramps off the back of trucks, around hundreds of pedestrians, and into stores.

This is HARD work. I’ve done it before.

These guys were sweating.

They are strong.

Going to the gym is great; I do it every day.

But there are other ways to build strength.

Of course the basics (calisthenics, weights, sprinting, etc.) always work best.

But you can be quite healthy and strong, from an exercise standpoint, if you make it a regular, daily point to do other things, such as farm work, building, landscaping, etc.

If 80% of your week is spent in front of a computer, and you’re just not the kind of person who’s ever going to join a gym or pickup a kettlebell, then be sure to get out in nature, get out onto a field, or get out into your backyard.

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