Asking For Help

One of the big mistakes I made early in life was deciding not to ask for help.

That got me into big trouble.

I soon learned the error in my logic.

Later on, as I moved into the world of adulthood, I still retained (and still do retain) the drive and ability to take care of many things myself … but the skill of asking for help … of knowing when to do it, how to do it, and who to ask … that took time to develop.

In fact I’m still working on it.

Some criteria for when you should ask for help, no matter what the topic or issue:

  • When you’re emotionally to close to the decision;
  • When someone else can do the task, and it doesn’t have to be you;
  • When you’re stuck;
  • When you’re creating something that requires real feedback from real people;
  • When you think you can see all angles of a complicated issue (red flag, you probably can’t!);
  • When you need accountability;
  • When you’re in charge, managing, or coordinating … and any piece of the puzzle is not directly in your field of expertise.

This can apply not only to nutrition & health, but just about anything: professional projects, even relationships.

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