A Gluten-Free Cookie

I was speaking with someone the other day who told me that when they went gluten-free, they gained a bunch of weight.

They discovered the truth:

A gluten-free cookie is still a cookie.

You could exchange any of these for the phrase ‘gluten-free’ in that sentence:

Vegan, Paleo, Keto, Low-Carb, Hi-Protein, Natural, Sugar-Free, Carnivore …

… although I’ve yet to see a Carnivore Cookie. If you have, please share!

A cookie is a cookie no matter what.

What matters most about YOUR cookie are two things:

  1. The cookie’s ingredients work for YOU.
  2. The cookie dose works for YOU.

I eat some gluten-free cookies sometimes … when both #1 & #2 are true.

I never eat cookies because they are gluten-free.

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