Do You ‘Need’ To Count Your Calories?

It’s very hard to count your calories.

Sure, some people might find it easier than others.

Sure, I’ve done it before, several different ways: using pen & paper, using apps.

Sure, perhaps you’re so dedicated and driven to the process that you can stick with it rigorously for a very long time; a few months, maybe even more.

But the reality is that even the most well-intended person, who has completely bought in to the idea that they should attempt to count 100% of their calories, is going to struggle to do so at some point.

And so, without directly saying anything in this post about whether counting calories is ‘good’ or ‘bad’, or who should do it and when, let’s agree:

No one should feel like they need to count all of their calories all the time.

That’s just not a healthy position to put yourself in.

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