How To Have A Few Drinks This Summer

As it’s summer, you’re probably drinking more alcohol than usual.

There’s a triple-whammy effect to consider here.

As Alcohol increases:

  1. Sleep Quality decreases.
  2. Late Eating increases.
  3. Hydration decreases.

For these reasons and others, your best best to enjoy a little more alcohol than usual this summer while maintaining balance is awareness & planning.

  • Increase Sleep with naps, routines, and later wake times;
  • Decrease Late Eating effects with mindful choices around timing & selection.
  • Increase Hydration before, during, & after Alcohol with minerals & electrolytes.

I left out specifics here because any degree to which you can improve these will help mitigate the effects of alcohol while still enjoying your summer socially.

For most people, it’s not about removing everything they love.

It’s typically better to add in more.

More food, more water, and more habits that support the same goal: your Health.

Happiness is a BIG part of your Health.

While I’m not saying that Alcohol is necessary to be Happy, the reality is that most people would like to be able to enjoy a drink or two during the summer, without completely compromising any hard work they’ve put in during the winter.

That is 100% possible.

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