Dietary Practice

I’ve gained 2.6 pounds over the last 3 days, but I’m not concerned about it one bit.

In fact, I know exactly why; I’ve been eating larger, more frequent servings of rice than usual; I had a glass of wine last night; I ate out at a restaurant, and the food we pretty salty; I had a little bit of dairy cheese, and on top of that I’ve been eating more fruit than usual.

Now, those are things which throw my metabolism a little bit out of balance.

I’m not suggesting that those specific things will throw off yours.

What I am telling you is that:

  • Once you’ve achieved metabolic balance, which I will define here as the ability to eat a well-rounded diet that help you feel great, satiated, and which does not cause you to gain weight or fat;
  • And you’ve maintained that for a significant period of time, meaning at least several weeks, but preferably for multiple months;
  • And you’ve tested out various things over the course of that time which throw you off kilter, then identified them by separating them out from other variables;
  • And you’ve re-tested and been able to get yourself back into balance multiple times …

then you won’t be worried at all about gaining a few pounds, because you’ll know exactly how to knock them off.

It takes practice.

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