One Thing To The Next

I talked a little bit the other day (and many other times) about distractions.

Another layer: when something scares you, like, something that you know you should do, but are …

… afraid to put that post out there …

… worried about what people might say or think …

… just don’t want to pick up that phone …

… figure you can do it later or another day …

… and so forth, the abundance of potential distractions is happy to jump right in.

These days, while the internet offer you the power to reach millions (literally), at the same time it offers you the ability to hide in an endless sea of scrolling.

So, you can keep jumping from email to feed to message and back, which I do find myself doing sometimes.

Or, you can recognize that when you’re jumping around from checking one thing to the next, you might just be procrastinating the ONE thing that really matter.

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