Nutrition Is Big

Nutrition is big enough to stand alone as 1 of my 4 key pillars of health.

Not a big surprise, but I’ll expand.

The old saying ‘you are what you eat’ is true on a cellular level.

The food that you put into your mouth doesn’t just travel down into your belly to satisfy hunger three times a day.

That food gets broken down into molecular sizes, and then gets assimilated into your body’s organs, tissues, and cells.

So, choose wisely.

(How to choose your food, and whether or not you should eat three times a day … both topics for a future post.)

I spent many years eating the ‘Standard American Diet’, as many of you did as well.

It made me fat, weak, and sick.

No amount of Exercise, Recovery, or Love (the other 3 pillars) would have been able to change the effect of that poor diet.

I could have been the happiest, most well-rested, most active person on Earth … yet if I would have stuck with that diet, I would have still been overweight, sick, and eventually, diseased.

Of course that last paragraph was purely hypothetical.

The reality was that in large part, because I was eating so poorly, that drastically dragged down my well-being and ability to perform in all of the other 3 Pillars.

So, no only is a poor Diet ‘big’ enough to damage you on it’s own, it can also have pervasive effects into other major areas of life.

Nutrition is Big.

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