Big Changes Take Minutes

As of today I have published 3,285 consecutive, daily blog posts in a row, dating back 9 straight years. I have never been paid one dime for any of them, and never will.

They are not all really good. Perhaps a handful are. Very few people read the blog every day.

Yet at the same time, the decision to start it, and the discipline to maintain it, has changed the trajectory of my life.

Had I not started my blog, I would not have: met many interesting people, joined certain programs, engaged in various conversations, made particular professional choices and deals, entered into several relationships, nor developed the same way mentally, emotionally, and physically.

So, what does my daily blogging practice have to do with your health?

It shows the exponential power of one small, incremental, daily practice.

Master one, for just a few minutes a day, perhaps even as little as one minute, and then you can more easily master another.

Some call this ‘habit stacking’.

It took me about ten minutes to write this post. The 10 minutes of writing is one piece of my 3-hour morning routine that has built up over time.

You don’t start with 3 hours a day.

You start with the minimum effective dose that you’re capable of, and that will help you grow.

More tips on how to get and stay on your ‘Healthy Path’ to come.

Do you have a question about nutrition, exercise, recovery, or wellness? Comment or contact me and I’ll answer, anonymously & confidentially if you prefer.

Coach Matt

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