Don’t Ignore Yourself

Over the last few weeks it has warmed up here in New York, and my body has, once again, immediately adjusted by telling me to drink less coffee and more water.

I measure these things daily, so I know.

During the cold months, 32 OZ of coffee per day + about 70-80 ounces of water keep my fluids in balance, on most days. (Some days, that varies.)

However, during the warmer months, I’m sweating more. You might be surprised how much fluid your body loses from sweat … even lightly perceptible amounts of sweat throughout the day, not from exercise.

You need to replenish those fluids and thus, it makes sense that my fluid ‘in’ numbers are about 24 ounces of coffee per day (or even less) + about 90-100 ounces of water.

The key is, when your body talks to you, and you feel that intuition in your gut-brain that it’s time more or less of (anything), do you listen, or do you ignore it out of habit, and potentially drive yourself out of balance?

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