Electrolytes On The Road

There’s a gas station called the Mahal Mart in Emporia, Virginia.

It’s right off of I-95 and very close to a Starbucks, and some other food & shopping.

When I was there the other day, their gas was about $0.20 per gallon cheaper that the other surrounding stations.

But that travel tip is not the reason for this post, that’s just a bonus.

At the Mahal Mart in Emporia VA, on my way home to NY from FL, I refilled my last water bottle for the long drive and then added a teaspoon of electrolytes.

This successfully completed my week-long vacation of being fully hydrated with electrolytes in my water at all times.

In other words, minus a few sips of water at a restaurant, at no time during the entire week did I drink any ‘dead’ or ‘mineral void’ water.

Electrolytes are important for proper mineral balance (along with fluid and nutritional balance, of course, among other things).

You don’t need to be overzealous about them, but if you’re a highly active person like me, who sweats a lot, consider replenishing them, at least after periods of intense exercise.

Here’s the brand I use.

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