On 2nd Thought

This is not a political blog, but it is one that encourages introspection and critical thinking.

Thus the following is an example of thought processes; not of position.

As I drove through the southeastern United States this past week, I was reminded how dearly most of our country, particularly in non-urban areas such as New York City, holds the right to bear arms.

Personally I don’t own a firearm but, and this is very important to admit:

At least in part, I am fascinated by them.

Yet at the same time, another part of me says that I shouldn’t indulge in that desire, as the primary purpose of a gun is to end life.

So you see, even within yourself, it’s likely not all one way or the other.

You may decide to stand firmly on one side of any debate.

But if you do, make sure you’re doing it without hiding any of your true feelings … not from me, but from yourself.

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