One Chance

At first I was going to title this post ‘Chances‘, in the plural sense, and talk about how we get some really interesting ones every once in awhile; opportunities to grow, meet new people, deepen old relationships, etc.

On second thought, I felt that it’s not just once in awhile that we get them … we get them all the time, every day. Some may not seem as obvious or grand as others, but they are there.

Then I realized that it may be neither of the above; that there are not tens, hundreds, or thousands of chances on a daily basis, with some days having more or less than others.

It may be the case that we are living in Chance, right now, and all the time, at all times. One Chance that is always one and the same.

It is only how we approach it, or divide it in our minds, that creates the illusion of chances.

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